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Receive informative alerts to know the status, problems and violations

Don’t want out of office hours’ alerts

If you have a separate team responsible for your out of office hours’ support, you can easily create separate alarms with specific time window (say, 6 PM – 9 AM) and notify that specific team.


Only get alerts that matter to you

Avoid getting overloaded notifications for intermittent issues. Configure your persist duration (in minutes). The system will wait for the situation to recover until the persist duration and only alert you if the problem still exists.

Notifications can be received in multiple ways

Out of the box, ServiceBus360 supports Email, PagerDuty, SMTP, and Slack. Say, your organization uses Slack services to keep track of the issues, you can easily trigger the alerts from ServiceBus360 directly into Slack so that you need not switch between the screens to view the status. You can even use different notification channels for different alert priorities. For example, use SMS for urgent notifications.


Easily understandable color coded emails

ServiceBus360 sends you beautiful structured color coded emails. This makes it super easy to visualize any issues in your Azure Service Bus. That’s not all – clear email subject lines that indicate the exact nature of the alert – UP alert/REGULAR alert/DOWN alert. By seeing the subject, you’ll know if the environment needs any attention or not.

Health Reports

In addition to threshold alerts, receive notifications on the overall health status of the namespaces. Get periodic updates — hourly/daily/weekly — to gain confidence of your system. Instead of simply waiting to get notified when things go wrong, you can receive periodic health reports proactively.


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