Mar 5

Integrating on-Premises directories with Azure AD using Azure AD Connect

This article is related only to the Private Hosting version of ServiceBus360 ServiceBus360 provides Azure AD based authentication for the organization

By Ezhilarasi Chezhiyan

Feb 22

ServiceBus360 Private Hosting – Sign Up for Beta!

The wait is almost over! We are rolling out the Beta version of ServiceBus360 for Private Hosting infrastructure Beginning with just a few features, we plan

By Mohan Nagaraj

Jan 24

10 best features we released in 2017 — ServiceBus360 Product Update

Wish you all a Happy New Year! As we stepped in to 2018, it's time to look back and see the progress we have made as a team to make ServiceBus360 a more mature

By Sriram Hariharan

Dec 6

ServiceBus360 – New features and Improvements release – Dec 02, 2017

After the launch of the revamped version of ServiceBus360 last month, we are excited to release the following features and enhancements -  Ability to

By Sriram Hariharan

Nov 17

Introducing ServiceBus360 v2.0 – Overhauled UX/UI, Azure Composite Apps Management and New Features

Earlier this month, we published a blog post on why and how we made the shift to Composite Applications concept in ServiceBus360 At INTEGRATE 2017 USA, we

By Sriram Hariharan

Nov 1

ServiceBus360 – The Shift to Composite Applications Concept

Couple of months ago, our Founder/CEO Saravana Kumar wrote an article about the challenges in managing distributed cloud applications While talking about the

By Sriram Hariharan
User Access, API Monitoring, Azure Logic Apps, Data Monitoring

Sep 19

4 Major Features – User Access, API Monitoring, Azure Logic Apps, Data Monitoring

For the past few months, we were working on bringing some important features into the platform Today most of Integration Scenarios built using Azure

By Saravana Kumar
transfer Account Ownership in ServiceBus360

Aug 30

User Management and Account Ownership Transferring in ServiceBus360

ServiceBus360 allows account owners to set up fine grained authorization for the users added to their account Account owner/Super user(s) can set up access

By Yuvaranjani Kalichamy
servicebus360 audit and governance

Aug 29

Activity History in ServiceBus360

Activity history is a part of Governance and Audit feature in ServiceBus360 This audit log information will help the administrators to find out "Who did what"

By Reshma Sulthan
webinar on Azure Service Bus and message flow

Aug 28

Introducing messaging in your design should not hurt so much

If you've ever designed a large scale distributed system then you're familiar with the whack-a-mole style issues that occur when introducing messaging - where

By Sriram Hariharan