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Keep a check on the key Resource parameters based on your needs

Simple cloud based monitoring solution for Azure Service Bus Namespaces

Configure alarms and associate resources (Queues, Topics, Relays, Event Hubs) to get started with monitoring in just few minutes. No additional hardware/software required.


Monitor All Service Bus Resources

Queues, Topics, Relays and Event Hubs are the key resources in a messaging infrastructure. ServiceBus360 makes it super simple to monitor the health of these resources seamlessly.

Group related resources for monitoring together

Any enterprise messaging solution may contain multiple Service Bus resources being used. These resources from various categories can be grouped together to make more meaningful monitoring.


Errors and Warnings

Any resource is expected to perform at an optimum level. This differs from implementation to implementation and based on usage. Based on the configuration, the basic dashboard displays the Error and Warning details of any resource being monitored.

Monitor Event Hubs at Partition Level

Service Bus resources have different characteristics based on their implementation and where they can be used. Event Hubs has a partition based infrastructure that needs to be constantly monitored. ServiceBus360 provides simple configuration capabilities to monitor Partitions for vital values.

You can also monitor Subscriptions under Topics in the same way.


Relay Endpoint monitoring

Set up endpoint monitoring for the HTTP relays and validate the actual response code against the expected return code. If there is a mismatch between actual and expected return codes, ServiceBus360 will alert the users with the information. This monitoring is also extended to the response data, response times and more.

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