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Single Management tool for Composite Cloud Integration Solutions running on Azure

Composite Applications

Get a holistic view of your composite application, count and status of Azure resources (such as Queues, Topics, Relays, Event Hubs, Logic Apps). Get notified instantly when something is not right in your Application.

ServiceBus360 Monitor Azure Resources
ServiceBus360 API Monitoring
Data Monitoring Dashboard
ServiceBus360 Activities Configuration
ServiceBus360 Resubmit Messages
Azure Relays

Manage your Azure Relays effectively.

ServiceBus360 Create Azure Relay
ServiceBus360 Import Relays
ServiceBus360 Azure Relay Properties
ServiceBus360 Manage Azure Event Hubs Consumer Groups
ServiceBus360 Create Azure Event Hub
ServiceBus360 Azure Event Hub Properties View
Azure Event Hubs

Manage your Azure Event Hubs.

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