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  • 3 Namespaces in each type
  • 3 Resources to monitor/namespace
  • 3 Alarms for each namespace
  • 2 Users per account
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A world class Management & Monitoring tool for Azure Service Bus

ServiceBus360 is a simple platform to manage your Azure Service Bus namespaces. It provides efficient operations and monitoring capabilities on any Service Bus resource.

  • Seamless access to Azure Service Bus
  • Manage multiple namespaces
  • Monitoring and Notifications
  • Advanced security
  • Governance and Auditing

Top Features


Manage Multiple namespaces from a single place

Manage all your Service Bus namespaces across multiple Azure Subscriptions from a single place. They may be hosted in any data center region.


CRUD operations on Service Bus entities

Ability to create and delete namespace entities like Queues, Topics, Relays (WCF Type) and EventHubs within ServiceBus360 portal. Stop switching tabs to the Azure portal to create and delete these entities. All these user activities are tracked in Governance & Auditing section.


Onboarding namespace from Service Bus Explorer

You can import namespace from Service Bus Explorer. Once the namespace is imported, you can set a friendly name for the namespace. This feature will reduce the effort of recreating the namespace once again in the ServiceBus360 portal.


Resubmit Dead Letter messages

ServiceBus360 offers the capability to resubmit dead letter messages. The users can resubmit the dead letter messages to active queue or topic without editing the message and its associated properties. ServiceBus360 allows bulk resubmission up to 10 dead letter messages in one transaction.


Send Events to Azure Event Hubs

You can send events to any associated Event Hub through ServiceBus360. Configure parameters like Event Message, Partition Key, Think Time, Task Count, Event Data Count, Send Batch, Custom Properties, and Partition Id before initiating the Send Events Process.


Health Reports – Get periodic updates — hourly/daily/weekly

To gain confidence of your system. Instead of simply waiting to get notified when things go wrong, you can configure ServiceBus360 to receive periodic health reports proactively.


Errors and Warnings

Any entity is expected to perform at an optimum level. This differs with the purpose of implementation and usage. Based on the configuration, the basic dashboard displays the Error and Warning details of any resource being monitored.


Governance and Auditing

Ability to track the user activities on “Operations” tab of ServiceBus360. It’s as easy as seeing “Who did what Property changes on which metrics of which entity at what time”. The portal displays the alert history and alert mail sent for the recent 7 days.


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  • 3 Namespaces in each Type
  • 3 Alarms for each namespace
  • 3 Resources to monitor/namespace
  • 2 Users per account

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