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What is ServiceBus360?

Most often, companies focus on platform enhancements and miss out on having better management and operational tools. We observed this with BizTalk server and created BizTalk360 to address that gap. Similarly, the standard Azure portal is limited in terms of exposing the full capabilities of Service Bus. To overcome this, we developed ServiceBus360 — an advanced operations, monitoring and analytics tool focused solely to enhance the day to day working experience with Microsoft Azure Service Bus. Our goal is to make life easy for anyone who is using Azure Service Bus resources (Queues, Topics, Relays and Event Hubs).


Saravana Kumar
ServiceBus360 is a simple platform to manage your Azure Service Bus namespaces. It provides efficient operations and monitoring capabilities on any Service Bus resource.
Saravana Kumar, Founder – BizTalk360
Microsoft Integration MVP
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View basic properties of resources.

View authorization rules easily.


Create Alarms and map resources to get started with monitoring in just few clicks.

Threshold and Health alarm types provide monitoring on violation and status respectively.

Configure recipients, frequency and limits to receive email alerts.


Provides Error and Warning levels based on monitor configuration.


Alert on Threshold violation based on monitoring configuration over resource properties.

Regular Status report at predefined timings in a day on the health of the resources based on monitoring configuration over their properties.

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