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What is an Azure Composite Application?

Modern Azure Applications are built by putting together a solution that uses a minimum of 3 to 4 discrete technologies in Azure. The application can get as complex as shown in an example below.


Challenges with Azure Portal to manage Composite Cloud Integration Solutions

Over the last few years, Microsoft has built excellent tooling around different technologies. Today, everything is available in one place – the Azure Portal, which is great and helps to manage complex solutions as shown in the above example! However, this brings in its own challenges when it comes to management of distributed solutions.

No Application Visibility

When your Line of Business (LoB) application integrates with different Azure services such as Logic Apps, Azure Functions, Web Jobs etc., there is no easy way you can manage the entire application group as a whole using the Azure Portal.

No Deep/Integrated Tooling

Using Azure Portal as a tool to manage your distributed applications? Be aware that each service is available as independent technology silos. You might also have to write your own code or use third party applications (like Service Bus Explorer) to perform operations.

No Consolidated Monitoring

To monitor distributed applications, there are no options for you to consolidate monitoring for the services in Azure Portal. You are either forced to use external tools that solve your monitoring problems partially or build your custom monitoring solutions.

No Application Level Security

With distributed applications, there will be different Azure Services from the different subscriptions. It becomes difficult for administrators to grant permissions to resources in the subscription as they are unable to configure granular level of security for users easily.


How does ServiceBus360 solve the challenges with Azure Portal?

  • Composite Applications

    With the Composite Applications concept, easily manage distributed cloud applications built using Azure services from a single portal. Map your Azure Services running under different subscriptions into a single Composite Application Group. Configure monitoring & security for the application.

  • In-depth Tooling Experience

    Manage your Azure Services easily in just few clicks within the Management Stack. Perform basic CRUD operations, view the resource properties and Shared Access Policy information.

  • User Security at Application Level

    Apply security restrictions at the entity level and operations level. Super Users (administrators) can define what actions can be performed by normal users.

  • Consolidated Monitoring

    Create alarms and configure monitoring to get notified of threshold violations, receive periodic health alerts, configure data monitoring, keep a watch on the state of API endpoints. Monitor different Azure Services from a single pane and get to view the detailed alert history.

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